Freedom Tray

The Freedom Tray is America’s Revolutionary Food & Beverage Carrier. Made entirely here in America (mostly in North Carolina)  Freedom Tray is a proud supporter of the USO.

Weighing a little more than a pound and collapsing down to less than 1″ thick this clever and handy device is perfect for your on the go needs as a carrier, organizer and so much more.  The Freedom Tray is washable, collapsible, portable, convenient and even recyclable (although it is built to serve your needs and last for a long time).  It fits easily in the seat pocket of your car, in a book bag or back pack, in a beach bag or right under your arm to carry into a movie theater or any event where concessions are offered.

The Freedom Tray works great for going through drive thrus and eating in the car.  Part of the Freedom Tray’s GREEN initiative it to reduce landfill waste from cardboard drink carriers and even the bags that food comes in.  Using the Freedom Tray eliminates the need for drink carriers and bags and increases the safe handling with our sturdy and easy to hold tray versus the wasteful and flimsy cardboard ones that end up in the landfill.

The four drink bands, one in each corner, can be deployed with the flick of your finger to hold anything from bottles of water, juice boxes or  large cups safely and securely without tip over or spills.  The sturdy tray floor can be loaded with enough food for a family of 4 on the go and maybe even more.  Wherever you find yourself out and about and on the go the Freedom Tray is the answer to handling your food & beverages.

Our design is unique and patented and as the inventor and founder of the Freedom Tray I am very excited and pleased with how the product has turned out and been received by the many users already.  We are always getting feedback from our great customers letting us know the new uses they are finding for the Freedom Tray and how well they like the product.  This is the greatest thanks an inventor can receive.

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Jonny Cannon

Inventor & Founder

Freedom Tray